Toy Fair 2014 – Mattel Revives the Super Powers Toy Line

Super Powers Superman from Mattel - courtesy

Super Powers Superman from Mattel – courtesy

The DC Universe Classic line of action figures has had a good run.  To say goodbye, Mattel will serve up a special finale series of DC Heroes based on the Super Powers toys from the 80’s.  These six figures will feature retro packaging, a six inch scale and the Four Horseman sculpt style.  Batman Superman and Wonder Woman will release in September, while Gold Superman, Green Lantern as The Riddler and Mr. Mxyzptlk will arrive in October.  Each of the six figures will feature a build-a-figure piece for Kalibak.  If you think a couple of those figures sound strange, you’re right.  Kenner originally  prototyped Gold Superman for the  original Super Powers line but never released him, while the repainted Green Lantern was sold in the Mexican Super Amigos line as the Riddler.